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The Health Informatics Group is an interdisciplinary group of researchers and clinicians from Radiation Oncology, Medical Physics and Computer Science at MUHC and McGill. Our mission is to research new ways of using electronic data in clinical settings, to benefit both the clinicians and the patients. Our current focus is on projects related to Radiation Oncology.

Job Availabilites

  • We are currently searching for a contract programmer to help complete OPAL, our patient phone app for radiation oncology patients. Information about the job and instructions on how to apply are found at:
  • We also offer COMP 396, MDPH 396, COMP 400, or COMP 401 research projects each term for McGill students.
  • We are also open to having other students or volunteers work with the group.


Group Leaders

Current Student Researchers, Developers, and Volunteers

  • Ackeem Joseph, B.Sc., M.Sc.candidate, Medical Physics
  • David Herrera, B.Sc., Senior Developer
  • Faiz Khan, B.Sc., M.Sc.candidate, Computer Science
  • Simon Labute, B.Sc. Student, Volunteer Developer
  • Claudine Lebosquain, B.Sc (Computer Science and Biology), Volunteer Developer
  • Chloe Pou-Prom, B.Sc, Computer Science and Biology
  • Zachariah Stevenson, B.Sc. student, Computer Science
  • Russell Wang, B.Sc. student, Computer Science and Biology

Past Student Researchers

  • Maxim Gorshkov, B.Sc. student, Computer Science
  • Mehryar Keshavarz, B.Sc. student
  • Alvin Leung, B.Sc. student, Computer Science and Biology
  • Marya Sawaf,
  • Justin Wainberg, B.Sc. student
  • Yi Fan Zhou, B.Sc. student, Computer Science

Research Opportunities

We are actively looking for undergraduates interested in undergraduate research projects, as well as graduate students in both Medical Physics and Computer Science. Please contact John Kildea for Medical Physics opportunities and Laurie Hendren for Computer Science opportunities.


  • Hendren, Hijal and Kildea, Wait times in radiation oncology: Addressing the pain of waiting, MUHC Oncology Grand Rounds, March 2nd, 2015 - (.pdf)

Course Project Reports

Undergraduate Research Course Reports (2014-2015)

  • Maxim Gorshkov, COMP 396, Winter 2015, Improving the Predication of Radiation Therapy Waiting Times Through Visualizations, Comparison of Algorithms, and Data Analysis
  • Yi Fan Zhou, COMP 396, Winter 2015, Visualizing and Analyzing Appointment Waiting Time
  • Alvin Leung, COMP 396, Fall 2014, Analyzing Radiation Oncology Data for Prediction of Radiotherapy Patient Wait Time - (.pdf)
  • Marya Sawaf, COMP 396, Fall 2014, How Much Longer? Predicting Waiting Times in Hospital Waiting Rooms

Funded Projects